Do we need to order a certain quantity of products to work with Osmosis

No, here at Osmosis we will work on any order, large or small. You will get the same friendly service and attention if you are from a home based business or a large multinational company.

I dont have access to a graphic designer - can you help with this?

Of course we can help. We can assist in placing your logo onto the correct product, or even designing a new logo for you.

For larger companies and ad agencies, we offer design assistance in producing ranges of products for campaigns, experiential events etc.

What are the lead times for orders?

Lead times vary according to where we source product from. For example, smaller quantities obtained from local suppliers can be branded and delivered fairly quickly. Larger indent orders from overseas generally take a bit longer to produce, and then they need to be air freighted or sea freighted to Australia. Please discuss your needs with our sales team for clarification on your specific needs.

Can I open an account with Osmosis

Yes, Osmosis does offer trading accounts with customers. You will have to complete an account application, along with directors guarantees. Once we have assessed your application, and if you qualify, we can open a trading account with you.

Can I work with one person in your organisation

Yes, once we start to work with you, you will be assigned an account manager to take care of you. This person will be supported by the Production, design and accounts department. However, if for some reason your account manager is not at work for some reason, one of the other friendly sales team will help you in their absence.