Products : Fans (19)

  • Foldable paper hand fan

    Foldable paper hand fan

    Outdoor & Living

  • Plastic portable electronic fan

    Plastic portable electronic fan

    Outdoor & Living

  • USB desk fan.

    USB desk fan.

    Office & Business

  • Nylon foldable hand fan

    Nylon foldable hand fan

    Outdoor & Living

  • Fabric hand held fan

    Fabric hand held fan

    Outdoor & Living

  • Light Up Fan With Led Readout

    Light Up Fan With Led Readout


  • Foldable Fan

    Foldable Fan


  • Hand Held Fan

    Hand Held Fan


  • Foldable Hand Fan

    Foldable Hand Fan


  • Water Spray Fan

    Water Spray Fan


  • Very Kool Phone Fans

    Very Kool Phone Fans

  • Portable Mini Fan

    Portable Mini Fan

    High speed mini fan with soft blades which is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. Ideal to keep people on the move cool and refreshed. Has a clear protective cap and two AAA batteries which are included. A lead time of 10 - 15 working days applies to this product.

  • Mini Fan

    Mini Fan

    Office/Mixed Products

  • Cyclone Fan

    Cyclone Fan


  • Mini Fan

    Mini Fan

    Mini fan with soft safety blades and two AA batteries which are included. Has a handy lanyard with a safety clip so it is always close at hand to keep people cool and refreshed. A lead time of 10-15 working days applies to this product.

  • Tastic USB Fan

    Tastic USB Fan

  • Plastic Hand Fan

    Plastic Hand Fan

  • The Classic Mini Fan

    The Classic Mini Fan

  • Breezer Fan - Red or Blue

    Breezer Fan - Red or Blue

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